Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

The Elves (and dwarves, and other creatures) of Triple I are waking from their slumber and starting to plan next years events ... blurbs are due by the end of January!

We can't wait to bring you our games in 2013.

Happy New Year Gamers!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Champions 2012 - Story Recap - the Final. AKA The Life of Katie Barnes Pt. 2

For those of you who played in the first round of Champions 2012, or watched it, and want to know what transpired in the second round, we offer this story based on 'actual' events.

The game opened immediately following the events of round 1.

As the shocked heroes began to react to the shooting, the assassin (a cameraman for the pay-per-view broadcast) raised his hands and surrendered, saying that he could explain. Before he could say more he was shot and killed by the best man, Gerhardt Shcott. Shcott dropped his weapon and walked out. Golden Gladiator flew after Shcott and confronted him, furious that Shcott had denied them a chance to get information from the assassin. Gerhardt said with cold precision that he was avenging his best friend, and walked away.

Meanwhile, Katie Barnes lay dying beside the body of her husband Jason. Wraith used his cloak’s power to pour his life force into her. At first Brimstone and Bolt offered to help, but the cloak’s hunger was too great. Wraith forced it off of them, feeding Katie his own life instead. Katie lived, barely. The bullet was still inside her, but with Brimstone’s help the doctors removed the bullet. Katie began to recover at superhuman speed. (A power she did not know she had…but never had she been wounded like this.)

The Champions began trying to discover who was behind the assassination. Bolt, already unhinged from time, reached away from the present to show a vision of what had taken place. The scene of the shooting itself revealed nothing new, but when Gerhardt drew his weapon to fire at the assassin, he moved with superhuman speed. The Champions attempted to find him, but he had taken an UNTIL jet and vanished.

Lt. Conners was able to determine that the bullet was experimental technology from World War II Germany, which was confirmed by Golden Gladiator’s grandfather. The assassin was discovered to be a member of the White Rose, a Nazi resistance group which was supposed to have died out during the war. Golden Gladiator’s father and grandfather told him not to give up, to which he replied: “Gold never tarnishes.”

Following these clues, the team searched Jason’s house and found a hidden bunker filled with Nazi flags, supposedly “lost” Dr. Destroyer technology, and a series of files on the Champions. These files detailed each member’s weaknesses, how to keep them psychologically off balance, and how to keep them from finding Destroyer. There was also a communications console, with a mysterious message containing a veiled threat toward Jason. There was also a cryptic delivery schedule: 100 units to Berlin, 100 units to Moscow, 100 units to London…and so on, targeting 10 major cities for “100 units” of some unknown item.

A transmission for Jason came over the console from a woman identified as “Valkyrie”. Lt. Conners attempted to disguise his voice, but Valkyrie saw through the illusion, terminated the transmission, and destroyed the console.

Over the course of these revelations – that Katie’s husband was a Nazi spy, that she herself was part of a mysterious project – Dr. Gravity remained excessively cruel to Katie. After a harsh conversation, Wraith dumped her for this attitude.

The Champions proceeded to Gerhardt’s UNTIL office, where they found assessments of the team’s risk to “the plan”. Throughout these notes was evidence that Jason and Katie’s entire relationship was part of a long reaching Nazi eugenics program. Lady Fabulous’ crush on Golden Gladiator was also revealed, to the surprise of no one – except Golden Gladiator. Stella Starlight and Griffin appeared to assist the Champions, leading to a tense confrontation between Griffin, Lt. Conners, and Wraith which Lady Fabulous managed to defuse.

The team found a communicator in Gerhardt’s office which Icon promptly crushed, but another was found in Jason’s office next door. While Dr. Gravity was examining it, a countdown began to be broadcast, along with the delivery of “100 units” to the cities they had seen before. Dr. Gravity and Lt. Conners were able to trace the signal to Antarctica. The team rushed there in Nano’s Legacy.

The trip was full of awkward moments. Lady Fabulous and Golden Gladiator finally talked about their feelings and kissed. Wraith and Dr. Gravity very coldly confirmed their relationship was over. Icon and Brimstone attempted to resolve their issues, but Brimstone’s approach only pushed the emotionally devastated Icon away. Bolt slept through it all, while Lt. Conners sat in between the three couples. Poor guy.

The team arrived at the location and discovered a hidden Nazi base, over 70 years old, hidden in the snow. Inside they found a large hangar bay full of vehicles ranging from WW2 tanks to the UNTIL jet that Gerhardt had taken. While the upper floors were disused, at the bottom they found a room full of hundreds of clones of Icon and Jason, all children! Shortly thereafter they encountered Dr. Heinrich Zerstoiten, a Nazi scientist who had been reduced to a disembodied brain in a jar. He inquired about Jason, and told the Champions that “she” had killed the remaining members of the New Reich and taken over the program. His vision of the future had been shattered – Icon and Jason had been his last hope. He would not talk about “her”, but told the Champions where she could be found. The Bolt and Wraith rushed ahead, while Heinrich begged the team to end his life, as it was now meaningless. The team obliged.

As Heinrich’s jar shattered, the Bolt and Wraith were tossed back into the room in beaten heaps. Rushing forward, the team finds a room occupied by Valkyrie, Gerhardt, and walls covered with adult clones of Katie and Jason. Valkyrie explained that she is the REAL Katie Barnes, accidentally switched at birth with the Project Ubermensch baby who was born early at a hospital in Iowa. She was raised in a sterile lab by Nazi scientists, indoctrinated in their hatred and need for revenge, while Katie was raised by good, loving Iowa farmers. The Nazis believed Valkyrie would develop powers – so threw her out of a helicopter when she was 12. The fall badly damaged her. Not wanting to waste twelve years of training, the scientists turned her into a cyborg. It was not until Icon first appeared in public did they realize what had happened. Driven to madness, Valkyrie killed Icon’s father (her own biological father) and took over the New Reich. She told Icon all this, and how Icon had stolen her life, full of love. Now, the only person who loved her was Gerhardt. She said this, and then reached out and snapped Gerhardt’s neck, killing him. “And that is what I think of Love.”

At that, she released 100 “units” of Katie/Jason clones to battle the Champions, who swiftly found themselves overpowered. The Wraith foolishly released his hold on the cloak, hoping it would feed on the clones. Instead it attacked the Champions. Several of them attacked Valkyrie, but she was prepared for them: defeating Brimstone’s astral form and shrugging off Golden Gladiator’s sonic blast. Icon closed and tore Valkyrie’s arm off, but didn’t slow her down in the least. Meanwhile, Lt. Conners slipped into the machine which seemed to be controlling the clones, hoping to find a way to shut it down. Brimstone managed to stop the cloak from eating Dr. Gravity, but the team was being rapidly overwhelmed by the onslaught of clones. Knowing the team was otherwise doomed, Bolt stretched time past its normal limit, using his super speed and sonic booms (which the clones seemed susceptible to) to protect the team. Bolt knew the cost, but he knew that Icon needed him. Among all the Champions, only Katie realized what this was costing him – but she was too busy with Valkyrie to do anything.

As the fight continued, even Bolt’s new power was not enough on its own. Golden Gladiator and Lady Fabulous stepped up, fighting as a pair. As his armor began to lose power, she would charge it through her “hair”. As the clones gathered for one final attack, Icon, in full rage, fired a burst of Heat Vision (a power she did not know she possessed) into Valkyrie’s face as the two were locked in combat, burning half of her face off. Just at that moment, Lt. Conners detonated his lucky C-4 inside the device, triggering an ultrasonic self-destruct which began to slowly and painfully kill all the clones – and Icon as well. Knowing there was no time, Bolt rushed Icon all the way back to Champions HQ in Millennium City. The remaining heroes could only watch as 1,000 clones died, screaming and begging for help. Gathering their wounded, the heroes left – but not before Brimstone channeled all of Katie’s memories into the badly wounded Valkyrie, who they left for dead.

Back at their HQ, Icon awoke, only to find that the man protecting her was not Brimstone as she expected, but Bolt, who had torn loose his bonds to time itself in order to saver her. His body aging in seconds all the years he had missed, Bolt told Katie that no matter what, he wanted her to find happiness, and then died in her arms.


As Valkyrie lay on the ground writhing in pain, a familiar THUMPDRAGTHUMP of footsteps approached. She looked up into the eye of Professor Muerte.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Game Time

The GM's of Triple-I have begun the migration, west, south, east and north.  Some will be in Indy today (Tuesday), most of us tomorrow.  Games start soon!! We are all very excited to share the weekend of gaming with the greatest gamers in the world!

We hope all of you have safe travels, full tables and new great memories to share!

BTW, we may not be checking around here until the con is over, so if you want to talk, just find us directly!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fantasy Hero - Proving Grounds

Every year the King sends forth the Bounders in search of new volunteers to recruit for training in the King's service. On their way to becoming students at Hareth Keep, the latest group of young, would-be adventurers saved the kingdom (with a little help from the twin gods of luck!) Now they've finished their formal instruction and the King already has a job for them - discover just how and why an entire village, including every living man, woman and child, was turned to glass. Careful! Don't break anything...or anyone! They're very fragile! It's a long journey frought with peril, but this time the blacksmith, the farmer's daughter, the snob, the squire, the waif and the sailor are much better prepared and they're determined to prove themselves...despite the rambunctious twins.

GM: Susan Grau

RPG1230655 Thursday at 9:00 PM
RPG1230656     Friday at 5:00 PM
RPG1230657 Saturday at 8:00 AM
RPG1230658     Saturday at 9:00 PM
RPG - Hero System - Mature (18+)

Creating Immersive Games

The field of games studies has gained legitimacy. Come join the current discussions in games studies with Dr. David Simkins. Talk about theories of fun, immersion, engagement, learning and games, ethics in games, and more. This seminar is for those who wish to consider the deeper impact of role playing, create a more compelling game, or challenge yourself to add real significance to a role play.

Presenter: David Simkins

SEM1230598 Saturday at 10:00 AM (2 hours)
Seminar - Teen (13+)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The First Time Game Master

Informal discussion on what is involved with running that first game. Hints, suggestions and no-no's. All ages, all experience levels welcome. Join the fun!

Presenter: Donald Prust

SEM1230611 Thursday at 12:00 PM (2 hours)
Seminar - Everyone (6+)

Horror Hero

Horror is not chasing a grey crawly. Horror is when the crawly is inside your best friend. True horror with emphasis on LARP style roleplayin. Rules? What rules? This is a diceless game where the system is used only as a guideline for outlining characters.

GM: Brian Grau

RPG1230628 Thursday at 9:00 PM
RPG1230629 Friday at 9:00 PM
RPG1230630 Saturday at 12:00 PM
RPG1230631 Saturday at 9:00 PM
RPG - Hero System - Mature (18+)

Friday, April 27, 2012


As prophesized, the humans have all disappeared! Some of the toys disappeared with them, but most have been LEFT BEHIND!!! Have all the truly good toys been taken with them only to leave the rest to fight a battle against the agents of the Dark Fuzz? Or is all of this just a bunch of meaningless mumbo-jumbo meant to scare the other toys. Is there an explanation for the disappearance that all makes sense? A lighthearted LARP for the young or young at heart based very, Very, VERY loosely on the premises of a a very popular apocalyptic novel about the end times. All rules taught and everyone who plays gets a toy to keep.

GM: Drew Novick

LRP1230599 Sunday at 2:00 PM (2 hour game)
LARP - Home Rules - Everyone (6+)

This is a great game to bring your little ones and play WITH them!

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Naughty As you Wannabe

Come play the games you've seen on TV, like Super Heroes, Props, Whose Line, Scenes From A Hat - and a special NEW 12 Days for previous players! Or come just to watch the hilarity (warning: players do use naughty launguage). Bring a sense of humor, ideas and odd props if you want (warning: they may be destroyed!)

GM: Kim Humphreys

ZED1230579 Thursday at 11:00 PM
ZED1230580 Friday at 11:00 PM
ZED - Improv Games - Mature(18+)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Defiant - Apocalypse

December 25, 2012. A day that will dawn with peace and joy, but will end with murder, terrorism, and the specter of war. A day where the best and brightest will have to pay the highest price for heroism. A day that will live in infamy. Will even the Defiant survive long enough to have a prayer of stopping the greatest threat they have ever faced? A game emphasizing mature role-playing in the Post Human Age.

GM: Chad Brinkley

RPG1230624 Thursday at 5:00 PM
RPG1230625 Friday at 12:00 PM
RPG1230626 Saturday at 12:00 PM
RPG - Champions - Mature (18+)

Courting Murder Ten Little Goblins

Who could turn down a luxurious weekend on a sunny isle? Everything is so beautiful. The servants are so excellent! Who just screamed? Role Playing and Problem Solving stressed.

GM: David Collins, Kelly O'Donoghue, Katie Huddlestonsmith

LRP1230618 Saturday at 9:00 PM
LARP - Courting Murder - Mature (18+)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Forensic Hero

The team is getting better. Tracking down serial killers with enhanced super abilities seems to be getting easier since integrating your own team with supers. People are dying again but this time on a larger scale. Track the man the press has nicknamed the "Healer" while trying to keep your team together.

GM: Todd Hogue

RPG1230653 Friday at 5:00 PM
RPG1230654 Saturday at 9:00 PM
RPG - Hero System - Teen (13+)

Chicago Capers Classic: Flappers and Flickers

In a silent movie no one can hear you scream. Ghosts and murderers prowl the set of a Flicker based on one of Vivianne’s Novels. Role Playing and Problem Solving stressed.

GM: David Collins

RPG1230616 Saturday at 5:00 PM
RPG - Justice, Inc. - Mature (18+)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Like zombies? Like zombie board games! Come play three, count 'em, THREE zombie board games: The Walking Dead (TV series), The Walking Dead (comics) and Last Night on Earth. That's triple the zombies!

GM: Kim Humphreys

BGM1230587 Sunday 10:00 AM
Board Game - Everyone(6+)

The Walking Dead Board Game

Can you survive the zombie apocalypse? Or will you rise as a walker? Play as one of your favorite characters from the hit TV show…or eat them. 

GM: Kimberly Humphreys

BGM1230572 Saturday at 8:00 AM
Board Game - The Walking Dead - Teen(13+)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Darker Shadows – Episode One

Nothing is as it seems Whitby Cove. Who is the mysterious Lady who never leaves her Manor? Why does she control everyone in town? Who will disappear next? & what is howling in the woods?

GM: David Collins, Kelly O'Donoghue, Katie Huddlestonsmith

LRP1230619 Sunday at 12:00 PM
LARP - Courting Murder - Mature (18+)

Photo Quest

Participate in a Gen Con themed photo scavenger hunt! Use your digital camera to creatively capture items around the convention. You must bring your own digital camera and memory card to participate. You will receive a list of things you can only find at Gen Con to photograph in a unique way. Previous items included Gen Con: CSI, A Meal Fit for a Gamer, and Gamers Take Indy. This year will have all new items for you to capture and have fun while doing it. Check-out and judging begins on Saturday at 8:00 PM. Results on Sunday.

Check In
Participate in a Gen Con themed photo scavenger hunt! Bring your own digital camera and memory card to creatively capture items around the convention.

Check Out
Turn in your completed score sheets and memory cards for judging. Don’t forget to attend the Results Show on Sunday!

Results Show
Come check out the most creative snapshots of all the things you can only see at Gen Con!

GM: Kimberly Humphreys

ZED1230574 Thursday at 8:00 AM (Check In) - Sign up and Get your list
ZED1230575 Saturday at 8:00 PM (Check Out) - Return with your Pictures
ZED1230577 Sunday at 11:00 AM  (Photo Quest Results Show)
ZED - Photo Quest - Everyone(6+)

Previous year's Winners here!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nightmare Before Christmas Party Game

Answer trivia questions and perform fun activities in Halloweentown. Knowledge of the movie is a must. Generics welcome. 

GM: Kimberly Humphreys

BGM1230571 Friday at 8:00 AM
Board Game - Nightmare Before Christmas - Everyone(6+)

The Walking Dead

Game based on the original comic books! The zombie apocalypse is now ... can you find a save place for you and yours to be safe from hordes of hungry zombies ... or will you become one of The Walking Dead? Play as Rick, Shane, Dale, Glenn, Andrea or Tyreese, find followers and fight your way to victory. Did we mention the hungry zombies?

GM: Kim Humphreys

BGM1230581 Thursday at 8:00 AM (2 hours)
BGM1230582 Thursday at 10:00 AM (2 hours)
BGM1230583 Saturday at 8:00 AM (2 hours)
BGM1230584 Saturday at 10:00 AM (2 hours)
Board Game - The Walking Dead - Everyone(6+)

Courting Murder Priory Conspiracy

A king not worthy of his throne must be removed, but who will take his place? Role Playing and Problem Solving stressed

GM: David Collins, Kelly O'Donoghue, Katie Huddlestonsmith

LRP1230617 Friday at 9:00 PM
LARP - Courting Murder - Mature (18+)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chicago Capers: Mask of Wun Sin Fa

Trouble brewing in Chinatown. Romanno and the other gangs are involved. That can’t be a good thing! Role Playing and Problem Solving stressed.

GM: David Collins

RPG1230615 Friday at 12:00 PM
RPG - Justice, Inc. - Mature (18+)

The Banns daughter is missing! Who you gonna call?...TigTog's Titans, that’s who

So you did your job, cleared out the caves, but it seems there is always someone who needs help... Bann Orleif has heard of your exploits and would like the Titans to help him locate his daughter. He KNOWS the dirty Dalish elf band that recently went through his town are responsible. He offers to make it worth your while, to return his daughter and pay back those thieving elves.

GM: Mark Gallicchio

RPG1230569 Thursday at 9:00 PM
RPG1230570 Friday at 8:00 AM
RPG - Dragon Age - Teen (13+)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Derelict Company

Chasing down all the leads on occult activities can be tiresome, but sometimes the lead is worthy. The problem – if the lead is worthy, it is at minimum dangerous and at most deadly. It is why you are here, no one else wants these leads so at least for another mission, it’s your job. Derelicts Provided

GM: Donald Prust

RPG1230603 Thursday at 9:00 PM
RPG1230604 Friday at 12:00 PM
RPG1230605 Saturday at 5:00 PM
RPG - Call of Cthulhu - Mature (18+)

The Shadow Game- Opening Gambit

In 1921, several adventurers with special abilities are drawn into the dangerous game of preventing the First World War from ever happening. Role Playing and Problem Solving stressed.

GM: David Collins

RPG1230614 Thursday at 9:00 PM
RPG - Justice, Inc. - Mature (18+)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Adventures in Archeology Episode the Fifth

Singapore Sal and her companions travel the world, righting wrongs, seeking adventure and finding treasures. Headhunters, Zombies, Ancient Crypts & more. Role Playing & Problem Solving stressed.

GM: David Collins

RPG1230613 Thursday at 5:00 PM
RPG - Justice, Inc. - Mature (18+)

The Adventurers Club: Steampunk Contingent

The year is 1936. The world is mired in depression, and war lurks on the horizon as one man seeks to elevate his people as the supreme race. Sound familiar? Enter the Adventurers Club, dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of a clockwork world, driven by steam, caught up in a web of magic. Join them as they find themselves tangled in intrigue that will determine the future of mankind. A role-playing emphasized steampunk event.

GM: Kerry Connell

RPG1230588 Thursday at 12:00 PM
RPG1230589 Friday at 8:00 AM
RPG1230590 Friday at 5:00 PM
RPG - Feng Shui - Teen (13+)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Steampunk Supers

Welcome to an alternate Victorian Age, an age where change is accelerating. Players get to choose from 3 stories. Note, this will have adult themes and flawed characters. Role playing emphasized.

GM: David Cave

RPG1230620 Thursday at 12:00 PM
RPG1230621 Thursday at 5:00 PM
RPG1230622 Friday at 9:00 PM
RPG1230623 Friday at 5:00 PM
RPG - Hero System - Mature (18+)

Kung Fu Justice: Myrmidons

The latest tale from the Post-Apocalyptic Future where the 70s were the peak of human culture and everyone knows kung fu. One man seeks to unify free New York into one big army working for the good of all. It would be sweet, but the cat is marked for death and the Myrmidons always catch the blame. Action RPG with high melodrama, light rules, and lots of character.

GM: David Simkins

RPG1230596 Thursday at 10:00 AM (6 hour game)
RPG1230597 Friday at 10:00 AM (6 hour game)
RPG - Mutants & Masterminds - Mature (18+)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

British Capers- Nights in London

British specialists battles the Forces of Darkness to keep mankind safe in 1927. Evil haunts the British Isles and only this team can keep the Dark at bay. Role Playing/Problem Solving stressed.

GM: David Collins

RPG1230612 Thursday at 8:00 AM
RPG - Justice, Inc. - Mature (18+)

Betrayal at House on the Hill, the RPG

Have you ever wanted your games of Betrayal at House on the Hill to be more like an RPG? This year at GenCon you can! Come play your favorite (or least favorite) Betrayal at House on the Hill explorer complete with a character background, motivations, and relationships between characters, just like an RPG. We'll keep the modular game board and the randomness and replayability you love from the board game. This is an III “one camera” event, roleplaying isn't just stressed, it is the point. This is not a new product, just a new way to play a not-so-old favorite. All rules taught, though a passing acquaintance with the boardgame Betrayal at House on the Hill would be helpful.

GM: Drew Novick

RPG1230600 Thursday at 8:00 AM
RPG1230601 Friday at 5:00 PM
RPG1230602 Saturday at 8:00 AM
RPG - Home Rules - Teen (13+)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Firefly Hero: Can't Hear the Message!

Play the crew of Serenity as they go places, see things, and make clever remarks. Hijinks are a certainty. Game uses the Hero System but is "mechanics-light." Characters provided; no rules system knowledge needed but knowledge of the (pre-movie, TV-show only!) Firefly world helpful! Roleplaying stressed.

GM: Geoff Speare

RPG1230591 Thursday at 8:00 AM
RPG - Hero System - Teen(13+)

Young Heroes - TAFK

When you are a superhero team, you are needed everywhere. When you rounded up the Pumpkin Gang at the Mall, you hit the news – all channels. So a trip to the zoo will be a day of fun. Until just outside the entrance, an elephant walks by the van – heading for the highway. You look at each other and start donning your hero costumes. It’s time. PCs provided, role playing stressed.

GM: Donald Prust, Derry Simmel

RPG1230606 Thursday at 8:00 AM
RPG1230607 Thursday at 5:00 PM
RPG1230608 Friday at 8:00 AM
RPG1230609 Saturday at 8:00 AM
RPG1230610 Sunday at 8:00 AM
RPG - Champions - Mature (18+)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Screwed: You Said The Words

Let's play a game, Bobby said. Awesome source material and supplements, Bobby said. It's not a LARP, Bobby said. But Bobby is busy working his way through the digestive tract of that thing that ate him, and the adventure isn't over. Seven gamers must fight their way through a GM's imagination come to life, armed only with sarcasm, a flashlight, and a single bag of snack foods. Roleplaying stressed.

GM: Elisa Ford

RPG1230592 Thursday at 8:00 AM
RPG1230593 Thursday at 11:00 PM
RPG1230594 Friday at 12:00 PM
RPG1230595 Sunday at 10:00 AM
RPG - Call of Cthulhu - Mature (18+)

PS238 First Day of School

It's the First Day of School at PS238. It is a school where metahuman children learn about their "super" (ssshhhh) powers as well as receive a basic education. Enroll today!

GM: Wendy Weaver

RPG1230522 Saturday at 12:00 PM
RPG1230523 Saturday at 5:00 PM
RPG - PS238 RPG - kids only (12 and under)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Old West: Range wars, kidnappings, gunfights and a good 'o saloon brawl for seasoning

Seemed like a nice town, clean saloon, above average whiskey, friendly people....should have been enough to scare you right out of there. Now you're the sheriff and you are right in the middle of a range war: farmers with plenty of water on one side, and a cattle rancher hoping to become a cattle baron with thirsty cattle on the other side...and oh yea, did I mention the missing daughter, the farmer's only daughter.

GM: Mark Gallicchio
RPG1230568 Saturday at 8:00 AM
RPG - Boot Hill - Teen(13+)

A Twist in Time - Chapter 4-We are off to save the Princess, the wonderful Princess of....

Roun czar on your side, Done! Roun Army to open second front, Done!, Protect the Princess, well 2 out of three is not really that bad....Who would have thought that when you signed up to fight the Nazis, you would end up in a different world, saving an honest to goodness, magic wielding Princess from blood thirsty pirates...makes dropping into occupied France 9 months ago seem easy now...

GM: Mark Gallicchio

RPG1230566 Friday at 9:00 PM
3.5 Variant - V for Victory Enhancements
RPG - DnD Variant - Teen(13+)

Friday, April 13, 2012


Your most recent mission complete, your team was looking forward to some well deserved leave on the Citadel. However, when the daughter of a prominent Asari matriarch is kidnapped by a criminal syndicate your team is mobilized to rescue her. The question is why are the Quarian Migrant Fleet and the Geth involved?
GM: Nathan Nolan

RPG1230560 Friday at 9:00 PM
RPG - Godlike - Teen(13+)

The Man who Bought the Sky

You were born in space, child of a generation ship. The Flyer read, "Tired of cramped space? Sick of limitations? Come with us to Androphedia 3! Once in a Generation Chance to get in on the ground of a new planet. Profit for everyone!" Now it's time to pioneer a new world. Space Suits, Domes, farming and mining on alien worlds! Rayguns and Monsters! Adventure! Homage the great sci-fi of the 1950's especially to Heinlein's Juveniles. Role-playing Stressed
GM: Mike Malony, Chad Brinkley, David Simkins

RPG1230561 Friday at 5:00 PM
RPG1230562 Saturday at 5:00 PM

RPG - Hero System - Mature(18+)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Great Train Robbery

Nazi Party elite are fleeing Paris like rats from a sinking ship, and they’re taking the city’s art treasures with them. One train holds the bulk of the ill gotten loot. The mission is stop the train, don’t destroy priceless works of art. It sounds so simple when you state it like that.
GM: Nathan Nolan

RPG1230558 Friday at 5:00 PM
RPG - Godlike - Teen(13+)

January 1944, Italy -- WW2 Straight Up & Dry, Monastery Blues edition

You survived North Africa & Sicily in '43, now it’s time to give the Germans the boot! Or better yet, git'em OFF the boot. After Sicily you were sent back for some R&R, now it is 1944 and time to get back into the war. Monte Cassino is a very large thorn in the allies’ side, there is talk of bombing it, unfortunately a high ranking Italian official's daughter is there. Someone needs to get her out, thanks for volunteering.

GM: Mark Gallicchio

RPG1230567 Friday at 5:00 PM

3.5 Variant - V for Victory Enhancements
RPG - DnD Variant - Teen(13+)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Immortal Himsati – Urban Legends

Come join the Cadre as they protect the city from the dark mysterious forces of the Droves. Street-level vigilante super heroics combine with the supernatural and a dash of mythology thrown in for spice. Characters provided, rules light, role playing stressed.
GM: Richard Don

RPG1230545 Friday at 8:00 AM
RPG1230546 Saturday at 12:00 PM
RPG - Immortal - Teen (13+)

Immortal Invisible War

Adventure! Tales of the Odd Job Society

The Odd Job Society has discovered a world within a world...but are they alone in it? Role playing stressed.
GM: Scott Bowman, Tim Weaver

RPG1230529 Friday at 8:00 AM
RPG1230530 Saturday at 8:00 AM
RPG - Storyteller Trinity - Teen (13+)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dresden's Irregulars

Set in the world of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, a miscellaneous group of adventurers has been working together for the last few years. When danger rises, they put it in its place. Rules light, emphasis on role playing.
GM: Richard Bowers

RPG1230549 Friday at 8:00 AM
RPG1230550 Sunday at 12:00 PM
RPG - Hero System - Teen(13+)

Mall Hero: High tops and big hair

Last year the teens in the mall fought off deadly robotic mannequins and large wooden spiders. The mall has been rebuilt and updated even more. This year, a fate worse then death: the 80's.
GM: Todd Hogue

RPG1230524 Thursday at 9:00 PM
RPG1230525 Saturday at 5:00 PM
RPG - Hero System - Teen(13+)

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Crosstime Saloon

Silver Falls, Colorado had seen its share of ups and downs, but nothing compared to the events of 1867 when a mess of strange folk arrived to stir up trouble. Sci-Fi and fantasy clash in the old west.
GM: Robert Wiener, Rachel Wiener

LRP1230536 Thursday at 5:00 PM
LRP1230537 Friday at 5:00 PM
LARP - Home Rules - Mature (18+)

Sky High: Graduation Day?

You attend the worlds only High School for Superheroes, so sports are a little different, music can affect your mind, and parties are super too. In senior year you have to think about your path - solo or group, hero or villain, studying or cheating for that last Mad Science exam. It's all about saving the world... one homework assignment at a time.
GM: Mike Malony, Sean Malony, David Simkins

RPG1230563 Thursday at 5:00 PM
RPG1230564 Friday at 12:00 PM
RPG1230565 Saturday at 12:00 PM (two tables)
RPG - Hero System - Teen Champions - Teen(13+)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Resistance

It’s been almost a year since the end of the world. The end came quickly and without warning. One day everything was normal. The next, Magic had returned. With it came creatures from myth and nightmare, to rule over the humans they didn’t slaughter. You've survived, but it wasn’t easy. You’ve gone underground, with many others. You are THE RESISTANCE. Can you rid the world of its rulers? Rules light, emphasis on role playing.
GM: Richard Bowers
RPG1230551 Thursday at 5:00 PM
RPG1230552 Saturday at 8:00 AM
RPG - Hero System - Teen(13+)

King of the Hill

The NZ 8th Brigade have taken the rest of the Treasury Islands, but a garrison of Japanese troops on the highest point on Mono Island have thrown back everything that’s come their way. There’s a powerful mad Talent up there, and he’s not leaving peacefully. Your squad drew the short straw and now you have to deal with him.

GM: Nathan Nolan
RPG1230559 Thursday at 5:00 PM
RPG - Godlike - Teen(13+)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cleveland's Best!

Mae the Slayer and friends defending the hellmouth in Cleveland. Saving the world from certain destruction. And time for a date. All in a night's work for a 14 year old. Game uses the BtVS Season 1-5. This is a mechanics light game. Characters provided; no rules system knowledge needed.

GM: Wendy Weaver
RPG1230519 Thursday at 5:00 PM
RPG1230520 Friday at 12:00 PM
RPG1230521 Friday at 9:00 PM
RPG - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Teen(13+)

Kaiju Hero – War of the Monsters

When a group of teenagers find a set of artifacts letting them transform into gargantuan creatures, bio-robots and more, can they save the world from a war of the monsters? B-Movie Monster Flicks spliced with some modern cartoon-style heroics. Characters provided, rules light, role playing stressed.

GM: Richard Don
RPG1230543 Thursday at 12:00 PM
RPG1230544 Thursday at 9:00 PM
RPG - Hero System 5th ed - Teen(13+)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Great Lakes Avengers IX

Join our heroes as they right wrongs, protect the innocent and... rescue Foxbat? FROM DOCTOR DESTROYER??? Role playing stressed with emphasis on humor.

GM: Scott Bowman, Tim Weaver
RPG1230531 Thursday at 12:00 PM
RPG1230532 Saturday at 12:00 PM
RPG - Hero System 4th ed - Teen(13+)

Ravens 2012

In 9 years at GenCon, the Ravens have faced foes from this world and worlds beyond. Why should this year be any different? Ongoing adventure of The Ravens - investigators of the mysterious in the spirit of the X-Files with a touch of horror and a dash of humor. Rules light, emphasis on role playing.

GM: Richard Bowers
RPG1230547 Thursday at 12:00 PM
RPG1230548 Saturday at 9:00 PM
RPG - Hero System - 4th Ed - Teen (13+)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

FCIS: Golarion - Episode I

Dead Body. Check! Suspicious circumstances. Check! Exotic locales. Check! Mystery and Adventure. Double check! Will Jethro's team be able to find the clues, solve the mystery, and bring justice to those responsible? Familiarity with TV show NCIS unnecessary, but may add to the enjoyment. Characters provided. Role-playing stressed.

GM: Paul Koch
RPG1230554 Thursday at 12:00 PM
RPG1230555 Friday at 12:00 PM
RPG1230556 Saturday at 12:00 PM
RPG1230557 Sunday at 8:00 AM
RPG - Pathfinder - Teen(13+)

Fantasy Criminal Investigation Service?

Champions 2012

They are the world’s greatest superheroes. But when forces within the team threaten to tear them apart, what happens to the world they have sworn to protect? Characters provided, Roleplaying stressed.

GM: Robert Wiener, Geoff Speare

First Rounds
RPG1230538 Thursday at 12:00 PM
RPG1230539 Friday at 12:00 PM
RPG1230540 Saturday at 12:00 PM
RPG1230541 Saturday at 5:00 PM

RPG1230542 Sunday at 12:00 PM (by invite to play. 
    But spectators welcome, and it's a great show!)

RPG - Hero System 5th ed - Teen(13+)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The League of UnExtraordinary Gentlemen

When the World is Annoyed, Inconvenienced, and all the cool heroes are too busy, it calls upon these guys. Oh boy, are we in trouble now! Characters provided. Very Rules Light, Comedy stressed.

GM: Robert Wiener
RPG1230535 Thursday at 8:00 AM
RPG - Hero System Variant 4th ed - Teen (13+)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Curse of the Red Star: Requiem

Your parents adventured together, raised you as one extended family. They rarely talked about their adventures, but you heard talk about the King's Company of the Red Star. Now second generation adventurers, you keep flashing back to lessons learned... when the only thing to worry about was being called mean names.

GM: Sean Malony
RPG1230533 Thursday at 8:00 AM
RPG1230534 Friday at 8:00 AM
RPG - D&D 3.5 - Teen(13+)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Escape from the Late Late Late Show

What trouble will our intrepid teenagers get into this time? Find out in the next episode of the Late Late Late Show. This game is being run one-camera-larp style. RP stressed with emphasis on humor.

GM: Scott Bowman, Tim Weaver

RPG1230526 Thursday at 8:00 AM
RPG1230527 Thursday at 5:00 PM
RPG1230528 Friday at 4:00 PM

RPG - Hero System - 4th Ed - Teen (13+)

Escape From the Late Late Show 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Triple I - Iron Person - Megapalooza!

Can't get enough game?  Can't play enough different Characters?  Can't get into the game of the GM you wanted?  We have the complete package for you now. Infinite Imaginations Inc will be running all weekend, every slot, right through the dinner breaks.  Sign up for as many 1 hour slots as you think you can handle. Once you sit down you will be supplied with a core character sheet for one of the 8 archetypical characters, and each GM will pass out game specific Mod's for each one hour game. A partial list of games include: Texas Rangers Babies, Great Lakes Avengers Angst Fest, a special Horror Hero where someone dies, and the return of the famous Fantasy Hero Comedy Game! More games added soon in the comments below.  Fantasy, Adventure, Pulp Heroes, Space excitement! Gritty Horror! Realistic Fantasy! Heart wrenching Dilemmas! Slapstick Pratfalls! Role-Playing Emphasized, Rules Light (or hard core), Experience required but not expected, and there WILL BE CAKE at the end and cookies BYOM :-)

GM: Susan Gray and Friends
  III GM's, remember that you are responsible for 2 slots of 1 hour each.  Signup sheets on the board.
ZED9904 THU 10AM
ZED9905 THU 11AM
ZED9915 THU 10PM
ZED9916 THU 11PM
ZED9917 THU 12PM
ZED9921 FRI 10AM
ZED9922 FRI 11AM
ZED9932 FRI 10PM
ZED9933 FRI 11PM
ZED9934 FRI 12PM
ZED9938 SAT 10AM
ZED9939 SAT 11AM
ZED9949 SAT 10PM
ZED9951 SAT 11PM
ZED9952 SAT 12PM
ZED9956 SUN 10AM
ZED9957 SUN 11AM