Friday, November 8, 2013

November ... it's getting closer

This past week we got the annual ... "soon you'll need to submit something" email from the Poobah.

GENCON also sent out a blast with the first set of dates, registration in January, first round of game submissions, etc.

What games are you looking forward to next year?
What would you like one of us to run that you don't see on our schedule?
What games are YOU going to run?  (we do play some of the weekend too you know)


Monday, August 26, 2013

NEW Blog Link - Steampunk Supers!

This game had a lot of good press, and the GM has started a blog!

Way to go Dave!  Looking forward to the updates.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

One Week Marker

7 days from right now, we will be finishing up our first games of GEN CON 2013.
5 days from right now, the first III members leave their homes for Indy.
Tonight, I hope to finish my 5th update of characters for my game.

What are you doing to get ready?


Sunday, May 19, 2013


We're keeping the site simpler this year.

Leave any questions here, and the helper will find your GM and get answers.


Some questions:

Q:How to best search for our games?
A:The High Programmer has a great site for searches.

Q:Where do I go to register?
A: The GEN CON site to register for the games.

Q: How can I see your events laid out like a Calendar?
A: Google Calendar of all this years events, if you want to see what is running at a certain time.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

III GEN CON 2013 Google calendar

This year we decided to add a google calendar to our tool kit.  For those of you with google accounts, or familiar with google calendar, here's a link.

It's got the game descriptions, time of day, and event numbers.  It's a quick way to see what we are running!

NOTE 1 - Of course, all this information is subject to change by GEN CON, so check carefully as you sign-up for events.

NOTE 2 - Times are EASTERN, so if you are on the west coast or anywhere but EDT, it might look funny when you import, just keep in mind the time difference.

Please give us feedback if this isn't easy to use.


Monday, April 1, 2013


Been wandering around all day? Gaming so long you're eyes are blood shot? Crashing after the sugar IV ran out? Well come and play the newest LARP to hit the scene... Coma The LARP.   It's a 24 hr game where all you need is a ticket and you can crash in one of our many amazing beds. Rules non-existant and Experience is mandatory (you HAVE slept before right?)

GM: Soft Kitty and Warm Kitty

Thu 7am
LRP 1 sheep ... 2 sheep ... 3 sheep ...

Triple I - Iron Person - Megapalooza 2013


Can't get enough game?  Can't play enough different Characters?  Can't get into the game of the GM you wanted?  We have the complete package for you now. Infinite Imaginations Inc will be running all weekend, every slot, right through the dinner breaks.  Sign up for as many 1 hour slots as you think you can handle. Once you sit down you will be supplied with a core character sheet for one of the 8 archetypical characters, and each GM will pass out game specific Mod's for each one hour game. 

A partial list of games include: Return of the Hexagon, Cleveland's Worst, Heinlein's Heroes, A Game of Thrones Comedy Roast, and a special Horror Hero using Dice.

Role-Playing not necessary, Rules will be strictly enforced. And there will be cake at the end, if you survive.  BYOM :-)

GM: Brian Gray and Friends

III GM's, remember you are responsible for 8 slots each, plus bring your own cake..   

 Times TBD.