Monday, April 16, 2012

Young Heroes - TAFK

When you are a superhero team, you are needed everywhere. When you rounded up the Pumpkin Gang at the Mall, you hit the news – all channels. So a trip to the zoo will be a day of fun. Until just outside the entrance, an elephant walks by the van – heading for the highway. You look at each other and start donning your hero costumes. It’s time. PCs provided, role playing stressed.

GM: Donald Prust, Derry Simmel

RPG1230606 Thursday at 8:00 AM
RPG1230607 Thursday at 5:00 PM
RPG1230608 Friday at 8:00 AM
RPG1230609 Saturday at 8:00 AM
RPG1230610 Sunday at 8:00 AM
RPG - Champions - Mature (18+)

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