Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fantasy Hero - Proving Grounds

Every year the King sends forth the Bounders in search of new volunteers to recruit for training in the King's service. On their way to becoming students at Hareth Keep, the latest group of young, would-be adventurers saved the kingdom (with a little help from the twin gods of luck!) Now they've finished their formal instruction and the King already has a job for them - discover just how and why an entire village, including every living man, woman and child, was turned to glass. Careful! Don't break anything...or anyone! They're very fragile! It's a long journey frought with peril, but this time the blacksmith, the farmer's daughter, the snob, the squire, the waif and the sailor are much better prepared and they're determined to prove themselves...despite the rambunctious twins.

GM: Susan Grau

RPG1230655 Thursday at 9:00 PM
RPG1230656     Friday at 5:00 PM
RPG1230657 Saturday at 8:00 AM
RPG1230658     Saturday at 9:00 PM
RPG - Hero System - Mature (18+)


  1. Our group of four signed up for the Friday game, and we're really excited. Any recommendations on how some new comers might prepare?

  2. Jerry,

    That's fantastic! I love to meet new players! No preparation necessary - I'll teach the rules if folks need and usually there's an experienced player or two glad to help out as well. Just bring your imaginations and your happy selves and we're good. Looking forward to meeting you and your friends!