Sunday, April 15, 2012

Screwed: You Said The Words

Let's play a game, Bobby said. Awesome source material and supplements, Bobby said. It's not a LARP, Bobby said. But Bobby is busy working his way through the digestive tract of that thing that ate him, and the adventure isn't over. Seven gamers must fight their way through a GM's imagination come to life, armed only with sarcasm, a flashlight, and a single bag of snack foods. Roleplaying stressed.

GM: Elisa Ford

RPG1230592 Thursday at 8:00 AM
RPG1230593 Thursday at 11:00 PM
RPG1230594 Friday at 12:00 PM
RPG1230595 Sunday at 10:00 AM
RPG - Call of Cthulhu - Mature (18+)


  1. Greetings! Looking forward to finally playing some Call of Cthulhu! I've never played an organized game at Gen Con so i don't know if it's customary for the characters to be provided for us or do we create them there or should we bring them fully made. Thanks!

  2. Since I believe your GM is out of town, I'll chime in here.

    Characters are provided.

    Almost all games at GENCON and other conventions provide pre-generated (pre-gen) characters. This speeds up game start, since time is limited, and helps the GM plan for balance and needed skills.

    Thanks for asking! Any other questions?

    - the PBH

  3. Nope, I assumed that was the case but wanted to make sure! Thanks!

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  4. Do we sign up beforehand or when we get there?

  5. If your question is about getting tickets, all the events at GENCON are pre-registered and this event is sold out. HOWEVER, there are MANY no-shows at game time, so show up with generics and your GM will fit you in if there is space.

    That's true of all the III events and I expect most of the events at GENCON. We're here to run games for full tables and are happy to fill in any empty seats.

    Did that answer your question?