Friday, April 13, 2012

The Man who Bought the Sky

You were born in space, child of a generation ship. The Flyer read, "Tired of cramped space? Sick of limitations? Come with us to Androphedia 3! Once in a Generation Chance to get in on the ground of a new planet. Profit for everyone!" Now it's time to pioneer a new world. Space Suits, Domes, farming and mining on alien worlds! Rayguns and Monsters! Adventure! Homage the great sci-fi of the 1950's especially to Heinlein's Juveniles. Role-playing Stressed
GM: Mike Malony, Chad Brinkley, David Simkins

RPG1230561 Friday at 5:00 PM
RPG1230562 Saturday at 5:00 PM

RPG - Hero System - Mature(18+)

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