Tuesday, August 15, 2017

See you all soon!! (but in a slightly new place)

The staff of Infinite Imaginations is on the move, several members of the senior staff were on the road today, and most of the rest of us will be there before the dinner call on Wednesday. There is much excitement, and several anxiety attacks (where are my minis!?!)

-This year all the TABLE TOP RPGs are in the JW Marriott. That's the newer, really tall hotel to the east of the convention center, on West Street, between Maryland and Washington.

-As always, read your tickets, and seek help from the convention staff.

-We still take generics! Come by and see if there are open seats! (there are always a few at one of the games).

-If you have to drop out of a game, it would be extra nice of you to drop off your tickets with us. We will trade out generics whenever possible, limited only by our own current stock of generics to trade.

-WE can't wait to see you all.

- Game safely

your pbh

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Events are visible for GEN CON 2017

Events are now visible on the GEN CON site. Some of us are even planning to buy tickets.

good luck! and if you don't have good luck then have generic luck!