Friday, April 27, 2012


As prophesized, the humans have all disappeared! Some of the toys disappeared with them, but most have been LEFT BEHIND!!! Have all the truly good toys been taken with them only to leave the rest to fight a battle against the agents of the Dark Fuzz? Or is all of this just a bunch of meaningless mumbo-jumbo meant to scare the other toys. Is there an explanation for the disappearance that all makes sense? A lighthearted LARP for the young or young at heart based very, Very, VERY loosely on the premises of a a very popular apocalyptic novel about the end times. All rules taught and everyone who plays gets a toy to keep.

GM: Drew Novick

LRP1230599 Sunday at 2:00 PM (2 hour game)
LARP - Home Rules - Everyone (6+)

This is a great game to bring your little ones and play WITH them!

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