Sunday, May 19, 2013


We're keeping the site simpler this year.

Leave any questions here, and the helper will find your GM and get answers.


Some questions:

Q:How to best search for our games?
A:The High Programmer has a great site for searches.

Q:Where do I go to register?
A: The GEN CON site to register for the games.

Q: How can I see your events laid out like a Calendar?
A: Google Calendar of all this years events, if you want to see what is running at a certain time.


  1. So.... I REALLY wanted to play Cleveland's Best, but the reg system sabotaged me bigtime and I didn't get into ANY of the games I wanted to get into.

    What are the chances that there would be an open spot for a generic? :}

  2. 1- I'm checking with your GM.
    2- No-shows do happen, so if you are in the area you should check in with the GM at game time.
    3- SOMETIMES tickets become available later, if players return some. So don't give up all hope.


    1. Thanks! My plan is to show up on (I think) Thursday night for the game to see if I can squeeze in.

  3. pbh,
    I am trying to get a hold of one of your GM's, Elisa Ford. My brother and I play in her game every year, this year I got hosed. I wanted to know if there was a way to squeeze us in with generics on Sunday. I have no contact info on her anymore, could you pass her the message? She will know who I and my brother are.

    Marc Rothenberg

  4. My friends and I have 5 tickets for Derelict Company on Saturday and would like to switch to Thursday. Any way to contact the ticket-holders for Thursday's game and request a trade?

    Game ID: RPG1342577
    Gaming Group
    / Company: Infinite Imaginations, Inc.
    Title: Derelict Company – Another day, another mission

    1. Alternatively, would there be a way to contact the GM to switch the time?

      many thanks!


    2. I have forwarded your questions to the GM.

  5. Hi, my friends and I are registered for the "A Midwinter Knight's Dream" LARP on Saturday the 17th at Gencon and we're wondering if parts will be pre-assigned. We like to plan ahead costume-wise, if possible.

    Who should I contact about such things?


  6. Sorry we didn't see this sooner. We were all on a wild camping gaming adventure, practicing our woodscraft and GMing skills.

    Most of our LARPs are cast on site at the con, but I'll post your question to the GM's and once of us will post the reply here.

    GENCON is how soon?