Wednesday, May 8, 2013

III GEN CON 2013 Google calendar

This year we decided to add a google calendar to our tool kit.  For those of you with google accounts, or familiar with google calendar, here's a link.

It's got the game descriptions, time of day, and event numbers.  It's a quick way to see what we are running!

NOTE 1 - Of course, all this information is subject to change by GEN CON, so check carefully as you sign-up for events.

NOTE 2 - Times are EASTERN, so if you are on the west coast or anywhere but EDT, it might look funny when you import, just keep in mind the time difference.

Please give us feedback if this isn't easy to use.



  1. Is Mystery Solving Teens straight Gumshoe, or is it Bubblegumshoe?

    1. I am that GM! I was not aware of Bubblegumshoe until a couple of weeks ago. I was planning on cobbling together my own version of Gumshoe suited for the genre, but now I'm trying to get a playtest copy so I don't have to do so much heavy lifting. In all likelihood the game at this year's GenCon will be a version of regular old Gumshoe, but if successful I'll go with the published version next year.

  2. Great Question!
    I have no idea, let me ask the GMs for you.