Friday, July 8, 2016

Just one more month

In 4 weeks we will be in Indy running games.

We had 2 mini conventions of our own this year, where we got to play in each others' games! And we will be running more playtests all this month.

How do you prepare for GEN CON?


PS. We don't monitor this page every single day, please be patient with us and our responses.
thank you.


  1. Hi I am signed up for Crosstime Saloon at GenCon. Is there a character list to choose from or...?

  2. Generally characters are handed out at game time. This gives all the arriving players an equal chance, and prevents gaps from last minute no-show players. The GM's know to allow extra time for this process.


  3. Hi, we played a great session with Richard on the Friday morning Dresden Irregulars slot at GenCon last week. We'd like to stay in touch and hopefully play again next year. Any chance we could get in touch with him? Many thanks, Jayme Twitter: @LondonOnLogic

    1. Hey, Jayme, glad you had a good time. I'm not on Twitter, so feel free to email me at