Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's starting ...

GENCON 2015 is starting.

Event Registration is open, and the members of Triple I are putting together plans, filling out forms, and making up new stuff for your enjoyment.

There are rumors of new games already, I've even seen some descriptions. And there are many returning favorites.

I wonder what hotel our games will run in this year.

Who is getting excited?



  1. I saw your "Lockdown" event on the GenCon events schedule. I've always wanted to try this system but never have - how much of a requirement is having some experience? I dont want to be "that guy" who drags everyone else down but the scenario sounds pretty cool.

    1. Sorry, Just back from our Playtesting weekend and saw your post. I'll check with your gamemaster.

      Did you get a ticket or will you be trying to generic in?


    2. Hello The Poobah Helper passed your message on to me.
      As with most of the events that III runs the story takes precedence over the rule system. What that means is that I welcome all levels of players. We will go over the basics of the system pretty quickly, and if questions come up just ask away. Do not worry about slowing anyone down.

      Sorry for the delay in the response.

  2. thanks anyway - looks like both are sold out.